What’s It All About?

Hello and welcome to a bit of silliness that I hope will help me lose some weight.

Since retiring I have done well with introducing a healthy diet into the house hold. Hubby’s scare with high blood pressure and cholesterol has meant we are read the details of what is in food and always vear towards the low fat item. As a result he has lost quite a lot of weight.

He tells me I have too BUT since Christmas, I have been feeling quite low. The recent bout of ‘real’ flu really knocked the stuffing out of me and consequently there have been more ‘treats’ to cheer me up!

My friend David Mitchell has decided now that the summer is on it’s way, he wants to lose some weight so has pinched an idea to Flog it off! No, don’t worry, he is not going to sell bits of himself. The idea is to keep a blog that has every item that passes his lips noted down. It is not a diet but it is a pain in the neck if you make the commitment.

So, this is what this blog is. I’m going to be honest with myself and hopefully will feel quite guilty when I have to write down all the biscuits and cakes I’m having. I hope I will be guilty enough to decide I mustn’t eat it!!

Now, Dear Reader – this is where you come in. If I know someone is going to be looking and ‘checking’ – that will really spur me on. so do sign up to follow me and if you have time to comment, even better.

I won’t be putting up fancy pictures (I have other blogs for that!) just times and food eaten. Boring I know but let’s hope it works!

If you fancy joining David and me, leave a comment below and we can support each other!


3 responses to “What’s It All About?”

  1. Lucid Gypsy says :

    Well done, I hope its working by now? I’ve looked at a few days and wonder if when you say tea, milk you mean tea with milk or if you’re having a glass of milk and a cup of tea? Do you drink water because if not you don’t seem to drink very much? I’ve been cutting out most of the rubbish since January 2nd, trying to increase the activity, but isn’t it hard in winter? I have lost about 18 pounds though so quite pleased 🙂

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