Day 42 – 1st May

7.30 am – Banana, cup of tea, milk, glass of orange, Benecol

11.00 am –  Cup of coffee, milk, packet of crisps ****

1.30pm – Spring vegetable soup, bread roll, large satsuma, plum

3.30pm – Cup of tea, milk, bite of cookie *****

8.00 pm – Small grilled pork loin, new potatoes, carrots, peas, sweetcorn, gravy

10.00pm – Melon, natu7ral yogurt, cup of decaff coffee, milk

Reflections on Day 42:

  • Gave blood mid morning hence need for food. Crisps better ‘calorie value’ than biscuits!****
  • Pleased I didn’t have a whole cookie but too starving not to have a bite
  • Had planned the treadmill but no exertions allowed after giving blood.
  • After for the day tomorrow then off on holiday next week!


One response to “Day 42 – 1st May”

  1. jabbersville says :

    You have some tasty evening meals – my exercise gets in the way of dinner for 3 nights a week (good in one way but I do miss having some meals sometimes)

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