Day 41 – 30th April

7.30am – Banana, cup of tea, milk, glass of orange, Benecol

12.00pm – Salad and ham baguette, packet of crisps, cup of decaff coffee, milk

3.30pm – Cup of tea, milk

5.00pm – Large satsuma, plum

8.00pm – Salmon, new potatoes, green beans

9.00pm – Strawberries, thin slice of melon, natural yogurt

Reflections of Day 41:

  • Went to buy some trousers! Size 16 fitted around the tum but too baggy in the legs. Remembered I had a pair of ‘jeggings’ I had only worn once. Tried them and they fitted so I suppose I have lost a bit. Need to get rid of tum. Ideas?
  • Pleased I didn’t accept hubby’s offer of a cake in the afternoon
  • Walked approx 2 miles at a reasonable pace


2 responses to “Day 41 – 30th April”

  1. jabbersville says :

    Getting rid of a stomach is hard one. Mine has gone down a bit but the skin stretched so much after 3 children that it refuses to go back any more at the moment (and doubt it ever will!!) Bet it felt good to get into your jeggings, I wear them a lot now that I feel my legs are thin enough to. I had a look on YouTube and there are lots of videos for flat stomach exercises – might have a go myself. Bet there are apps for that too!

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