Day 39 – 28th April Sunday

8.30 am – Banana, cup of tea, milk, glass of orange, Benecol

11.30 am – Smalll grilled gammon steak, two poached eggs, tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, cup of decaff coffee

3.30 pm – Cup of tea, quarter of cheese sandwich

8.30pm – Half brushetta, small crab cake, pasta with tomatoes, chicken & chorizo, glass of wine

10.30 pm – Cup of decaff coffee, milk, large satsuma

Reflections on Day 39:

  • Sunday so out for supper.  Went to Prezzo. Small starter.
  • Good that I didn’t have a cake /. scone with cup of tea at 3.30pm which would be normal.
  • Feel very unfulfilled with this.  I have no scales so can only ‘feel’ any effects and weight loss. Not sure the Flog is working. Ideas please!


2 responses to “Day 39 – 28th April Sunday”

  1. jabbersville says :

    I have certainly changed size in clothes but still like the comfort of scales, so you might want to invest in some. Increasing the amount of regular exercise I do has also helped I think and is useful to compensate for those diet fail days!! Bet you have lost loads – I wouldn’t believe I had lost a stone and a half if I hadn’t got scales tho. If you don’t want to buy a pair, nip into a chemist?

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