Day 38 – 27th April

7.30 am – Banana, cup of tea, milk, glass of orange, Benecol

10.00 am – Half an egg sandwich

11.00am – Cup of decaff coffee, milk, small bite of chocolate tiffin

12.00pm – Cheese and onion sandwich

2.30pm – Cup of coffee, milk

6.30pm – Half a lager, packet of crisps

9.00pm – Half of small tapas dishes – potatas bravas, cray fish & prawns, chopped hallumi, beetroot and goats cheese rissoto, glass of wine

10.30pm Cup of decaff coffee, milk

Reflections on Day 38:

It was a football match (we support Gillingham therefore every game is an away match!) hence sandwiches and supper out

  • Pleased I didn’t have a piece of tiffin myself
  • Sad about a whole packet of crisps but I was starving and the pub we had planned to have supper at was not doing food!
  • Spent the day static so felt quite lumpy by the end of it.


One response to “Day 38 – 27th April”

  1. jabbersville says :

    That’s the trouble with snacks, never find any low fat ones in an emergency!

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