Day 36 – 25th April

7.00am – Banana, glass of orange, Benecol

10.00am – Cup of coffee, milk, small chocolate bar (can't remember name!)

2.00pm – Tuna sandwich, salad, half a packet crisps, cup of decaff coffee, milk

4.00pm – Large satsuma, plum, cup of tea

8.00pm – Home made cottage pie, green beans,

9.00pm – Strawberries, natural yogurt

10.00pm – Cup of decaff coffee, milk


Reflections of Day 36:

  • Meeting started at 8.00am but went on until 1.30pm!! Starving mid morning hence chocolate!
  • Late having sandwich hence crisps!!
  • Been considering comments and I'll have a think about having more to eat mid morning.


One response to “Day 36 – 25th April”

  1. jabbersville says :

    I haven’t had cottage pie in ages, sounded delicious ūüôā

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